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Employment Rights Information

We have produced an Employment Rights Information booklet that gives you information if you have a problem at work…

Versions are also available in Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Somali. 

Our booklet includes who you can contact to give you support in resolving issues in your employment and enforcing your employment rights. These include:

  • Trade unions – the purpose of unions is to improve conditions for workers and they have specialised expertise in providing advice on employment rights and supporting workers to enforce their rights. Unions also have an advantage in being better placed to sort out the issue in the workplace. This can mean the difference between leaving your job and keeping it – or at least if you do leave it’s at your choosing.
  • Advice centres such as Citizens Advice Bureaux and Law Centres can also offer expert advice on employment rights.
  • Community and religious organisations – these are probably not expert in employment rights advice but you may feel comfortable in talking to them about your problem. Many will be in the VWP network and will be able to say where you can go for more expert advice.
  • The VWP – if you cannot talk to anyone direct, you can contact the VWP and we will refer you to the most appropriate trade union or advice agency.

We’d also like to hear about it.

If you have a problem we would like to hear about it. You can contact the VWP directly or through your advice agency or trade union. You might like to tell us about:

  • what issues or problems do you have in your employment?
  • what, if anything, has been done about them?
  • did you take action on your own or did anyone give you support?
  • have your employment rights helped to resolve the situation? Iof so, how did they help? If not, why not?

The information you give us about your experience at work will be invaluable to us taking the voice of the vulnerable workers directly to Government. We will use your information to make recommendations to ensure that employers provide workers with their full employment rights entitlement. Your identity will remain anonymous and any information you give will be treated confidentially.


The VWP will organise a number of training courses which workers will be able to attend – see Noticeboard for current training courses. These include courses on

  • your rights at work
  • organising at work
  • building links with community groups
  • providing advice to other workers and community members

All training for workers will be free. If you think you may be interested you can contact your trade union, advice centre or the VWP for more information.

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