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About the project

The TUC estimate that one in five workers in the UK are vulnerable and insecure in their employment as they are not in a position to secure their statutory employment rights.

The Vulnerable Workers Project (VWP), is a pilot project funded by Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) to March 2009 and delivered by the TUC. It aims to demonstrate good practice and inform policy to ensure that all workers receive fair treatment and are provided with opportunities to fulfil their full potential and progress in employment.

As a pilot, the project will focus on workers in the Building Services Sector (mainly cleaners and security guards) working in the City of London and Tower Hamlet areas.

We define ‘workers’ as those who are economically active – that is, they might be currently unemployed but have recently worked, or would be willing to take a job, in the sector.

The project will take a partnership approach to

  • help workers to secure their full entitlement to employment rights;
  • introduce workers to opportunities for developing new skills;
  • work with employers in the sectors to raise standards and conditions of employment;
  • develop a co-ordinated approach between enforcement agencies to taking action against employers who fail to comply with legislation;
  • generate evidence to inform Government policy in the long-term.


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