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Next meeting of the Vulnerable Workers Group

The next meeting of the Vulnerable Workers Group will be held on Wednesday, 15th October,4.00pm - 6.00pm at Tower Hamlets Law Centre, 214 Whitechapel Toad E1 1BJ.

The group is aimed at all workers who have contacted the VWP for advice or attended on of our information sessions. People can discuss, collectively, their issues at work and, importantly, get tips from workers who have been in a similar position on how they can resolve the issues or guidance from the VWP on how to enforce their employment rights.

A number of past meetings have mentioned how workers are getting their wages and conditions cut by other workers who are prepared to work for less than the statutory minimum. Many of these workers are working, and are trapped. in the informal economy.

 This week Maeve McGoldrick from Community Links will talk about her project that is working with people to help them move from the informal to the formal economy without getting them into trouble with the authorities.  If you, or members of your community, are in this situation we’d be pleased to see you at the meeting. We can give you complete assurance that your details will not be discussed in public or that we will pass your story onto the authorities.     

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