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Getting your voice heard

One of the aims of the VWP is to capture what is happening in the workplace as far as workers in cleaning, security and other Building Services are concerned, The VWP is in a unique position of reporting, directly to Government, workers’ views on what their situation at work is like and we will be making recommendations for policy changes based on these views. It is an opportunity that may not come again for some time.

We would, therefore, be very interested in hearing from workers who might want to talk to us about their experience. We would cover

  • what issues you have at work,
  • what, if anything was done to resolve the issue,
  • what the outcome was, how you felt about the process - did it work? did it make you feel worse? 
  • what your hopes and aspirations are for the future
  •  what learning or training would help you achieve your aims
  • any other views you have on what can be done to improve your situation at work. 

This is a unique opportunity to tell Government of your experience in your employment and give your views on what can be done to improve things. We will be using workers’ views to make recommendations to influence Government on making policy changes and improvements to the enforcement of employment rights.

You can contact us by email or phone 020 7467 1355. alternatively, you can leave your blog on the ‘Contact us’ section on the left hand side of the page. 

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