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VWP commissions 5 new projects

The VWP has commissioned 5 projects that, taken together, will help ensure that workers obtain their full employment rights - two projects use training to reach workers, 1 uses employers another the media and another offers in-depth specialist employment rights advice. The 5 projects are

  • ‘English and Employment Rights’- a course that will deliver ESOL accredited to Level 1 Skills for Life and be based entirely on employment rights and employability materials produced by the VWP and delivered by WEA;
  • ‘English for Action’ - a project that provides English classes that incorporate employment rights and workplace procedures to groups of cleaners and other vulnerable workers delivered by London Citizens;
  • ‘Public Sector Skills Standards Project’ - aims to provide and deliver a project that includes training, aimed at employees, in statutory obligations that employers have, specifically health and safety, employment rights and diversity, as one of the strands in the Public Sector Skills Standard that is also being developed by the Public Sector Skills Standard Project;
  •  ’ENGAGE! programme‘ - a project that will advertise and raise the profile of the VWP through community ethnic media outlets and formats delivered by Primus Personnel
  • ‘The Wednesday Project’ will provide specialist employment rights advice for referrals made by VWP and will be delivered by  Legal Advice Centre (University House). 

The VWP will co-ordinate timelines and actions between each of the projects to maximise their impact.

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