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We’d like to hear from Building Services workers

If you work in Building Services, you can always tell us about your employment - what problems you have, what it is like to work there, what is good about your employment by going to our Contact Us section on the left hand side of this page. All comments will be treated confidentially.

If you have an issue at work…

The VWP has produced information on the process you should go through if you wish to raise an issue at work.
First of all, set down what the issue is and what would be a satisfactory outcome would be for you. If the issue is not serious, for example, it doesn’t involve violence or intimidation, then the first […]

VWP commissions 5 new projects

The VWP has commissioned 5 projects that, taken together, will help ensure that workers obtain their full employment rights - two projects use training to reach workers, 1 uses employers another the media and another offers in-depth specialist employment rights advice. The 5 projects are

‘English and Employment Rights’- a course that will deliver ESOL accredited to Level 1 Skills […]

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