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Bidding round announced for VWP grants

The VWP is making grants from £500 to £10,000  available to community/voluntary groups, trade unions, faith organisations and employers for projects that help improve  workers in the Building Services sector secure their employment rights.

Applications for funding should be targeted to include workers who are employed in the Building Services sector in Tower Hamlets or City of London areas. However, projects can include workers from other areas as well as long as there has been some targeting in Tower Hamlets or the City.

Projects will be expected to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • raising awareness of employment rights among vulnerable workers
  • increasing contact and engagement with vulnerable workers
  • devising methods or support systems to encourage workers in enforcing their employment rights
  • addressing specific issues that can cause workers being made vulnerable e.g. access to childcare, language issues, cultural issues, bullying, racism.

The VWP will also consider project bids outside those priority areas that it considers supports vulnerable workers securing their employment rights.

Organisations wishing to discuss their project bids can contact Bob Blyth, Project Manager, on 020 7467 1355.

Deadline for submitting applications is 28th January 2008.

Click here for information and application form.

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