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Awareness raising and advice for Polish workers

A meeting jointly organised by the VWP and the trade union, GMB, to raise awareness in the Polish community of their employment rights heard that  issues that they were commonly facing included:

- workers not being paid for all the hours that they worked;

- employers making unauthorised deductions from wages including saying that workers had to pay insurance and retention money;

- hours being unilaterally reduced by the employer

- employers not allowing access to training by being inflexible over requests to change hours

- workers being asked to transfer to other sites at short notice and often some distance away

- employers charging workers for Health and Safety protection equipment.

These issues were all discussed at the meeting including the steps that workers can take to get their issues resolved. This includes the right to representation at any grievance or disciplinary hearing at which workers, who are trade union members, are entitled to be accompanied by a trade union. One of the outcomes was that the GMB made 15 recruits at the meeting.

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