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Resources to enforce disarmingly low

The Employment Standards sub-partner Group met to discuss challenges and issues facing those agencies that have statutory duties to raise standards in employment and, where necessary, take enforcement action i.e. HSE, HMRC, EASI and ACAS. The group found the severity of the gap between what is required and what is available disarmingly serious. For example, members of the Group reported that there is no-one in London who deals with complaints about the aspects of the Working Time Directive that require investigation through the HSE despite that fact that the Government’s own research, Employment Rights at Work: Survey of Employers 2005, found that, when combined, complaints about rest breaks and hours and days required to work are the most common problems experienced at work, even higher than pay.  Nor is there any  pro-active work undertaken in carrying out inspections or enforcing these rights. HMRC reported that any pro-active work that they undertake is mostly confined to targeted sectors and, as from November this  will be in the Hotel and Catering sector is unlikely to include much inspection of the Building Services sector.

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