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Model for improving co-ordination proposed

The VWP’s Employment Standards Group agreed that the VWP should pilot a model that proposes to improve
- better co-ordination and action between the stautory agencies
- extending the oportunities for employers to learn about employment legislative requirements and good parctice
- increasing the involvement and range of complaints on stautory infringements.

Lack of sharing information and joined up action

The Government agencies in the VWP’s Employment Standards Group pointed out that there are legislative barriers that prevent them sharing information even with each other. If an agency has started an investigation there may be difficulties in them, at some later point, divulging information to other bodies including other statutory enforcement agencies even when a potential breach of legislation that would […]

Resources to enforce disarmingly low

The Employment Standards sub-partner Group met to discuss challenges and issues facing those agencies that have statutory duties to raise standards in employment and, where necessary, take enforcement action i.e. HSE, HMRC, EASI and ACAS. The group found the severity of the gap between what is required and what is available disarmingly serious. For example, members of the Group reported that there is […]

Employment Rights Sub-Partner Group

The first employment rights sub-partner group will be held on Thursday, 6th September at 2.00pm in Congress House. The meeting will discuss the activities being undertaken and the challenges faced by advice agencies, community organisations and union branches in improving the position of vulnerable workers and establish a series of measures co-ordinated that the VWP will co-ordinate to […]

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