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Vulnerable Workers Project now closed

The Vulnerable Workers Project (VWP) completed at the end of March 2009. it was a two year pilot funded by DBERR and delivered through SERTUC that aimed to demonstrate good practice in getting a better deal for vulnerable workers.

The lessons coming out of the VWP are included in the final project report ‘Informing Strategies for Vulnerable Workers’ and are being disseminated through a series of briefings.

Anyone who is after employment advice would be well advised to visit the TUC worksmart site

Vulnerable Workers Project: Final report - Informing strategies for vulnerable workers

The VWP has produced its Final Report - ‘Informing strategies for Vulnerable Workers’ which is intended to contribute to the overall evaluation of the pilot project as well as informing strategies to improve the working lives and conditions of vulnerable workers. 

Final newsletter

The final newsletter from the Vulnerable Workers Project is now on-line. The project will be closing on 31st March and we are currently preparing a final project report which will include our main findings.

Download the VWP March newsletter here.

February newsletter

The VWP February newsletter is now available. This month’s issue includes articles on

  • coping with the downturn
  • results and analysis from our questionnaire on how workers try to enforce their employment rights
  • training that is being developed to help people challenge for their employment rights.

Click here to download the newsletter.

10 Top Tips to Prevent You Being Exploited at Work

the VWP has produced a factsheet, ‘10 Top Tips to Prevent You Being Exploited at Work’ that gives simple, practical steps that workers can take that can make a difference and get employers to meet their legal responsibilities. The advice includes

  • getting contracts of employment in writing;
  •  checking out the contract properly before signing;
  • keeping a record of all hours worked;
  • making sure that the employer is paying National Insurance;
  • being aware of basic employment rights including procedures for raising grievances;
  • using the employment tribunal system;
  • getting effective support.

For a copy of the 10 top tips click here.

Getting a Better Deal for Polish Workers

The event, ‘Getting a Better Deal for Polish workers’ will be held on Saturday, 7th February at the POSK Centre, 238-246 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 0RF between 11.00am and 5.00pm.

As well as a range of information stalls there will also be workshop sessions on

- how can I get a better job? - training and qualifications in the building services sector;

- how do I know I am not being exploited? - employment rights information and advice;

- how can I enforce my employment rights? - getting involved and building self-empowerment;

- how does tax and National Insurance work? - check out you are not paying too much.

The event will be opened by Steve Pound MP for North Ealing, Jan Mokrzycki, President of the Federation of Poles in Great Britain and Megan Dobney, Regional Secretary for Southern & Eastern Region of the TUC.

Click here for agenda and full press release.

Event geared to give better deal to Polish workers

The VWP and the Federation of Poles in Great Britain are jointly organising a major event for Polish workers on 7th February. Click here to see press release.

Employment rights information - Polish

We have produced a series of articles on employment rights translated into Polish

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